How can VDS help you build a strong card program?

Let our years of experience in the ID card industry help you build and enhance your card program easily.

Vision Database Systems has a professional graphic artist and a team of experienced card designers at your beck and call should you require assistance putting together that perfect design for your ID cards. The ID card, after all, will be carried by every member of your institution and its design can have an impact on how that institution is perceived. Put our experience in the ID card industry to work for you and together, we can achieve that look that truly captures the spirit of your culture. Multiple designs are easily accomplished to help distinguish between different levels of staff, security levels or roles within an organization. For example, faculty, staff, student, security and emeritus are all categories in a collegiate realm that could have varying designs based upon an overall theme.

Vision Database Systems is fully equipped to handle card pre-printing no matter how small or large the job. Cards are often pre-printed with standard information that will appear on all cards to be distributed. Usually this information appears on the back side of the card and is printed in black. However, Vision Database Systems is able to print full color, front and back or either side to your specification.

The main advantage to pre-printing cards is to cut down on the cost and time of card production. Double sided card printing usually takes considerably longer than single sided and when dozens or even hundreds of people are in line waiting for the ID card, the time saved can mean the difference between exceeding expectations or woefully falling short.

Vision Database Systems has 25 years of experience in the ID Card and Tracking industry. We have planned, organized and implemented mass carding events, helped large universities implement complete ID carding systems that were able to seamlessly tie into banking, vending and campus activities. Our knowledge is one of our key strengths. No matter the scope of the project, the Vision Database team would be a valuable partner in helping design and implement your next ID or Tracking system.

Do you need to card an entire university campus quickly and efficiently? Vision Database has been in the business of providing ID card services for 20 years. You can count on us to either fly out an assist you with your mass carding or to provide consulting and training to your current staff.

Please contact us today to get more information on our mass carding services. We can provide you with a quote for services depending on your needs.