At Vision Database Systems we use today's latest ID card technology to bring top quality ID card printing stations as well as desktop and mobile student tracking programs. PockeTracker K12 uses scanned information from your student ID cards to record information and print passes, detentions, violations and schedules on the spot.

As you know, managing student behavior can be the most difficult job in the school, and it is usually left to the Assistant Principals. Some schools struggle to manage behavior or discipline because it is time consuming, involves so much paperwork, and requires so much follow up between teachers, parents, and administration.

Enter Pocketracker K12, a mobile ID program for enforcing your school's policies, and providing the capability, to take care of any infraction, anywhere on campus, in a matter of minutes!

How is this possible? Some of you may remember the days when grocery stores had no scanners, and each price had to be remembered and entered by the cashier. You needed many cashiers, it was so slow, and the accuracy of those systems were horrible. That methodology is exactly what many schools practice today - an archaic system, that takes too much labor, is slow, and sometimes inaccurate with some students being disciplined and others not.

RapIDtrack K12 allows you to enter your discipline policy right into the computer. Do you want to give points for honor roll? Do you want to rank tardies and dress codes as equal infractions? Do you want 2 dress codes to generate a detention, or 3? All of these items can be set up for your school easily, and changed at any moment during the school year with a simple click. You can set up detention schedules, types of detention, and detention rooms. In addition to ID card data and photo, you can automatically import student schedules.

Armed with a Pocketracker K12, in a single minute, you can scan a student in the cafeteria, tap his schedule to see where he is supposed to be, then tap his violation history, tap in a new violation such as "truant from class" and the system will automatically follow your rule. If a detention is warranted, the detention calendar pops up and the student picks when they can serve. Next, you make a final tap, and a detention slip is printed on the spot. Got 4 more minutes, and you can take care of 4 more students.

On the positive side, with our desktop system, any teacher in any classroom can give points for turning in a class project, or give 10 points for catching a student with a copy of Shakespeare in their backpack. You can provide individual incentive points to be used in the school store, or group incentive points, such as all students over 1000 points can take a trip to Disney World. It is all up to you. The accuracy of the system is unquestioned. Every transaction is timed and auditable. Parent conferences move more quickly with incontrovertible evidence to show for latenesses, dress codes, fights, etc.

Our systems have a high ROI, and pay for themselves in a matter of months with increased productivity, and increased school safety. Once your school starts using RapIDtrack K12 and Pocketracker K12, you will never return to the old ways. And you can finally concentrate on what you should be doing, educating America's children.