Latest News 2017

WebVerify: Brings PockeTracker functionality to desktop and other devices VDS announces the availability of an exciting new automation solution to scan students or individuals into any venue such as a library, gym, pool, or sporting event. Web Verify will replace older technology that uses readers connected to PC’s to check people into facilities or events. In addition, Web Verify provides greater deployment since it is web-based, greater choice of hardware since it will run on inexpensive tablets, smartphones, as well as PC’s, and lastly, saves money since it is better and cheaper than all prior products. Also, WebVerify integrates with the popular PockeTracker program providing even great tracking mobility via Android or iOS smartphones.

PockeTracker at the Miami Open! VDS announces that for the 7th year in a row, the Miami Tennis Open will utilize our enterprise ID system for creating credentials and PockeTracker will be used to admit and deny entry to certified personnel. The Open will be held from March 20 until April 3rd, and tickets can be purchased online.

PockeTracker Announcement: New feature added as of Summer 2016 to the PockeTracker software, users can now track an unlimited number of fields. You are no longer limited in the amount of different information that can be tracked on your handheld, which can expand the number of uses for PockeTracker on your campus or other location(s).