PockeTracker 3.0 - Mobile ID Verification

PockeTracker 3.0 for iOS and Android devices.

PockeTracker 3.0 is a powerful and efficient verification and attendance tool, enabling you to verify privileges and access to events and facilities with your smartphone or tablet. You can easily switch between profiles on the device, giving you the freedom to validate multiple privileges without reconfiguration.

Pocketracker helped us to verify that the photo matches the credential and we escorted 15 people from the Red Carpet last year. We expanded our system and can use it for multiple venues. We have plugged every hole in our security now. And the support from Vision Database has been outstanding since we started 9 years ago.

Deborah Scott (EC Solutions - Academy Awards)

PockeTracker Features

Track Access

Verify privileges and track access for events, campuses, fitness centers, transit systems and more.

Low Cost Hardware

Android and iOS available.

Anywhere Access

Wifi, 3G/4G & Offline.

Prevent Fraudulent Entry

Anti Pass Back protection available.

Increase Security

Scans any ID Card and displays personal data and photo.

Keep Thorough Records

Records transactions by name, time and event.

Multiple Scanning Technologies

Supports and interfaces with Mag Stripe, Barcode and Contactless.

Other Uses

Ticketless Entry, Employee Entrance/Access, Time Tracking, Security Status.