Security Checkpoints

Everyday, millions of employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors stream into corporations, schools, and public entities, and fill out forms, sign their names, and in general are admitted out of good will. What if your security guards were able to press a button and instantly tell whether the person to be admitted is valid or not?

The day when personnel admittance is reduced to casual security guard review, along with paperwork that is time consuming, and difficult to track or follow up is gone! Enter Pocketracker, the mobile ID verifier that ALREADY works with your existing Photo ID system, no matter where you bought it.

Using our Database Gateway, we can instantly transfer cardholder data including the color photo from any card database into a Pocketracker. With a simple button click, any security guard can scan or swipe any ID card, see the person's data and photo, and admit or deny based upon any criteria in the database (such as Valid or Not Valid, VIP or not, Fees Paid, or not).

If you have a way of coding disgruntled employees, former employees, or those who you simply do not want on your premises, it's easy with Pocketracker.

Pocketracker works in offline mode, or you can use it in real-time through a Wi-Fi connection, or even through a broadband cellphone data plan from AT&T or Verizon. It is possible to hold a database of literally thousands of employees and their photos in the palm of your hand.

Pocketracker works with barcoded IDs, mag stripe IDs, or even with proximity cards. We have hundreds or satisfied customers across the country using Pocketracker today.