Innovation never stops at EliteID! Our team is always hard at work on exciting new features. The best part? All subscribers automatically receive these updates, ensuring you have access to the most advanced features at your subscription level.

This past year we introduced a new tier of EliteID called EliteID+ that includes advanced features for higher education and corporations. EliteID+ includes all features of EliteID and adds ISO generation, magstripe encoding, and coming soon: smart card support. See feature chart on page 2 to see which features are EliteID vs EliteID+.

Canon Camera Support

EliteID+ now lets you tap into the stunning power of Canon EOS cameras. Capture crystal-clear, professional-grade portraits for your ID needs. Superior optics and built-in flash ensure perfect lighting and crisp details, every time.

RemotePhoto Support

Subscribers of EliteID and RemotePhoto by CloudCard can manage both subscriptions from within EliteID.

Topaz Signature Pad Support

EliteID now seamlessly integrates with Topaz signature pads. Capture electronic signatures directly onto ID cards, saving time, streamlining processes, and boosting security. Easy installation and intuitive use make it a breeze for both administrators and cardholders.

Manage Records Efficiently with Bulk Delete

Say goodbye to tedious, one-by-one deletions! EliteID’s Bulk Delete feature lets you effortlessly remove multiple person records at once. Clear clutter, streamline workflows, and maintain a clean system with just a few clicks.

API Access

One of our primary objectives is to enhance the accessibility of EliteID across cloud applications. We have introduced the first of many public APIs: the ISO History API and the Photo API. These APIs empower the integration of EliteID credential information and photos into external applications, enabling a seamless display of data.

Export List

Extracting data from EliteID is just as important as the data input process. Effortlessly export List data in Excel format with just a few clicks: Lists > Actions > Export List.

Copy Tenant Feature for School Districts

For those that will be managing multiple Tenants under a single Customer account we have added the time-saving Copy Tenant feature. Copy a tenant’s settings, card design templates, lists and form designer fields into as many new tenants as you need. And by using tenant License Limits you can ensure that any one tenant does not exceed the allotted licenses.

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