Issuing ID cards has never been easier with our cloud-based software, EliteID. Each subscription comes with automatic feature updates and access to our knowledge base and support.

New features recently added to EliteID include:

Copy Tenant Feature for School Districts

For those that will be managing multiple Tenants under a single Customer account we have added the time-saving Copy Tenant feature. Copy a tenant’s settings, card design templates, lists and form designer fields into as many new tenants as you need. And by using tenant License Limits you can ensure that any one tenant does not exceed the allotted licenses.

API Access 

One of our primary objectives is to enhance the accessibility of EliteID across cloud applications. We have introduced the first of many public APIs: the ISO History API and the Photo API. These APIs empower the integration of EliteID credential information and photos into external applications, enabling a seamless display of data.

EliteID+ Tier

We have introduced a new tier of EliteID called EliteID+ that includes advanced features for higher education and business clients. Please refer to the chart below for a feature comparison. While EliteID comes with many features, if you would like to add features such as ISO generation support or smart card issuance, you will want to upgrade to EliteID+.

EliteID and EliteID+ Feature Comparison Chart

Published On: October 2nd, 2023 / Categories: Card Issuance, Higher Education, ID Card Software /

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