The need for high-quality, secure ID cards is ever-present across various industries. From employee badges to student IDs, these cards serve as gateways to access and identification. But what if the printing process itself could be faster, more secure, and deliver exceptional results? Enter the Evolis Agilia ID card printer, a game-changer in the world of ID card issuance.

Unmatched Print Quality – The Agilia boasts retransfer printing technology, a method that delivers stunning image clarity and vibrant colors. This translates to professional-looking IDs with crisp text, sharp photos, and even intricate security features like micro-text or high-definition QR codes.

Enhanced Security – Security is a top priority for any ID card. The Agilia offers optional encoding modules for magnetic stripes or contactless chips, allowing you to add additional layers of security to your cards. This is ideal for organizations dealing with sensitive information or requiring access control.

Durability You Can Count On – Thanks to the retransfer process, Agilia-printed cards boast exceptional durability. The image is applied to a film before being transferred to the card, resulting in a scratch-resistant and fade-resistant finish. This ensures your IDs last longer, reducing the need for frequent reprints.

Speed and Efficiency – No more waiting around for IDs to print. The Agilia delivers high-speed printing, churning out up to 150 single-sided cards per hour. This efficiency is perfect for organizations with high ID card issuance volumes, keeping wait times low and operations running smoothly.

Beyond the Basics – The Agilia isn’t just about printing cards; it’s about streamlining the entire process. The user-friendly interface and intuitive touchscreen control make operation a breeze. Additionally, the high-capacity feeders and hoppers minimize the need for frequent refills, further optimizing workflow.

The Evolis Agilia is more than just a printer; it’s an investment in security, efficiency, and professional presentation. For organizations seeking to elevate their ID card issuance process, the Agilia stands as a compelling solution.

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