Online ID Photo Submission.

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Approve photos manually or use HelperBot to automate the approval process.

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Save time by allowing your cardholders to submit their own photos.

With RemotePhoto by CloudCard students can snap a selfie and even accept their cardholder agreement using a phone, tablet, or computer, from the comfort and safety of home.

There’s no app for the student to download and no password for them to forget. We email the student a secure, single-use login link that allows them to upload their photo without the annoyance of setting up yet another password. Once they have uploaded their photo and it’s approved, the photos are automatically* downloaded to the existing campus ID card database.

Simple Solution

Cardholders use their own devices to easily upload their own photo.

ID Verification

Require supporting documents such as driver’s licenses to verify identity.

CloudPhoto Connect

Easily integrate your existing ID card database with CloudCard with this important utility.

Background Removal

Add the background removal feature to keep ID photos looking professional – Choose from a color or image for background replacement.

EliteID integrates with RemotePhoto

Users that subscribe to both EliteID and RemotePhoto by CloudCard can manage both from within EliteID.

RemotePhoto Features & Benefits

  • ID verification – Require students submit a photo of their government-issued driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • Collect student information during the photo submission process
  • Save time with Helperbot! Use machine-learning technology to automatically rotate, crop, approve and deny photos.
  • Background removal feature keeps ID photos looking professional – Choose from a color or image for background replacement.

Integration with your existing campus ID card database

We developed CloudPhoto Connect to integrate your existing campus ID card database with RemotePhoto online photo submission. This powerful yet lightweight Windows software automates the data sync and photo transfer between CloudCard and the campus ID card database.

How RemotePhoto with CloudPhoto Connect works:

  1. CloudPhoto Connect uploads campus ID records to RemotePhoto by CloudCard
  2. RemotePhoto emails the student a secure login link from your card office email address**
  3. Students visit the link to upload a photo or snap a selfie, and optionally submit proof of ID and answer additional questions
  4. The ID card office examines the photos and approves them, or let’s Helperbot automatically approve or deny photos himself
  5. CloudPhoto Connect downloads the approved photos to the campus ID card database

*CloudPhoto Connect is a separate automation utility designed to sync data and download photos to any open database source including RapIDcard, ID Works, TruCredential, Transact Campus, Cbord, Heartland, Atrium, and more.

**Custom Sender email address is available for A+ plan subscribers

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