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Thank you for visiting our booth! We hope you had the chance to see EliteID in action with Evolis ID printers, but if not feel free to book a web demo today.

eliteid with evolis id card printer

We firmly believe that every college campus deserves a modern, secure, and efficient ID system tailored to its unique needs. Our cutting-edge solutions go beyond simple student identification, empowering institutions to foster a seamless and connected campus experience.

EliteID is an easy to use cloud-based ID card issuance software solution for schools. It pairs well with Evolis ID printers, and we can also offer quotes for all the ID supplies you might need including cards, cameras, lanyards and more.


EliteID+ allows campuses to add advanced features to their ID cards including ISO generation, mag stripe encoding, and coming soon: smart card support.

ID Verification

PockeTracker and Web Verify can help your campus with ID verification for campus events, busing, and more.

ID Printers

Evolis printers provide high quality, secure and easy to print ID cards. The Primacy 2 is a high performance printer available with or without lamination. The Agilia printer uses the latest in retransfer technology.

Agilia ID Card Printer

With a high definition print resolution of 600 dpi the Agilia allows you to print beyond the edge of the card using retransfer technology.

Evolis Agilia id card printer

EliteID integrates with CloudCard

Users that subscribe to both EliteID and CloudCard can manage both from within EliteID.

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