ID cards can improve security and efficiency at award shows and high-security events

High-security events are often targets for criminals and other threats. This is because these events attract large numbers of people, including celebrities, politicians, and business leaders.

ID cards can play a vital role in improving security at these events. They can be used to:

  • Identify attendees and verify their credentials – This ensures that only authorized individuals are able to attend the event when they must present a valid form of ID specific to the event.
  • Deter unauthorized individuals from attending the event – The presence of ID cards can deter criminals and other threats from attending the event, as they know that they will likely be caught if they try to enter without one.
  • Track attendees to permit access to certain areas – ID cards can be used to track attendees throughout the event by implementing mobile access software such as PockeTracker. This can help security personnel to identify potential security threats and to respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

ID cards can also be used to improve security at award shows and high-security events by integrating them with other security systems, such as access control systems. This can create a more comprehensive and effective security posture.

By using ID cards to identify attendees, verify their credentials, and track their access, security personnel can be better equipped to deter, detect, and respond to security threats.

About PockeTracker

PockeTracker is a secure app that is also simple for your security to use. At the entrance to your event, your personnel can scan each badge with a phone or mobile device and the background will turn green/red to permit or deny entry. You can customize the information and allow admittance by credential level.

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