An ID badge system offers a multitude of benefits for organizations of all sizes. They enhance security by restricting access to sensitive areas, deterring unauthorized entry, and fostering a sense of accountability among employees or students. Badges can also improve efficiency by streamlining tracking processes and building access.

Here’s a guide to get you started with what you’ll need to purchase for your ID badge system:


  • Printer – ID card printers come in various models with a wide range of features and price points.
    • Evolis Primacy 2 –  This is a versatile and user-friendly option that produces high-quality edge-to-edge color or monochrome badges. It’s ideal for medium- to high-volume printing needs and offers optional encoding capabilities for access control.

      Primacy Agilia

    • Evolis Agilia – For high-volume printing and maximum security features, consider the Evolis Agilia. This powerful printer boasts fast print speeds, retractable card feeders, and optional holographic lamination for added security.
  • Camera – Unless your computer has a built-in camera, you’ll need a separate one to capture cardholder photos for the badges. A basic webcam will suffice for most setups. For professional quality photos, you can opt for a DSLR camera. You can skip this step if you plan to implement online photo submission for your cardholders.


ID badge software allows you to design and personalize your badges. EliteID cloud-based software allows you to use any device to design badges and enroll cardholders. EliteID pairs with all popular ID printer brands.


  • ID cards – These come in standard PVC format, but you can also find more durable options. Consider your needs for security and wear-and-tear.
  • Lanyards – These hold your badge for easy display and come in various materials and colors. Opt for retractable lanyards for added convenience.
  • Cleaning supplies – Regularly cleaning your printer is crucial to maintaining optimal print quality. Purchase the cleaning supplies recommended by your printer’s manufacturer.

Additional Tips

  • Consider your ID card needs – How many badges will you be printing? Do you need color printing? What security features are required?
  • Expand your system – As your needs grow, you can add features like magnetic encoders for access control or barcode scanners for additional security.

By carefully considering your needs and budget, you can select the ID badge system that perfectly suits your organization. Contact us if you would like a free quote or advice on implementing an ID badge system.

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