Secure and Empowered Campuses: Transforming College Life with Smart ID Systems

We firmly believe that every college campus deserves a modern, secure, and efficient ID system tailored to its unique needs. Our cutting-edge solutions go beyond simple student identification, empowering institutions to foster a seamless and connected campus experience.

More than just an ID card:

  • Enhanced Security – Secure campus access with features like ID verification and integration with other campus systems.
  • Boost Engagement and Community – Facilitate access to clubs, and events with PockeTracker.
  • Smart ID card printing software – EliteID allows you to design and print secure, visually appealing ID cards with ease. Our cloud-based solution supports the advanced features you need and can scale for the needs of colleges both large and small.

Contact us today and discover how our ID systems and software can empower your college community.


Learn about our EliteID complete ID card systems, as well as CloudCard online photo submission and PockeTracker ID verification.

EliteID Card Systems

EliteID is an easy to use cloud-based ID card issuance software solution for schools. It pairs well with any major ID card printer brand, and we can also offer quotes for all the ID supplies you might need including cards, cameras, lanyards and more.


CloudCard can be added onto any EliteID subscription and both services can be managed from within EliteID. CloudCard allows your students and faculty the ability to upload their own ID photos with ease saving precious time at the card office.


PockeTracker allows you to use your phone as a paperless ticketing system. Scan students into events and a red or green screen will allow you to easily permit or deny entry. PockeTracker is versatile and can be used for a wide variety of campus events or even as part of a busing system.

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