Starting with the changes over the past few years many schools have leaned towards adopting hybrid or remote learning models permanently. This has led to a need for new ways to manage and issue student ID cards.

Traditionally, student ID cards are issued at your carding or administration offices in person. However, this is not possible for all students who are learning remotely and may need an official ID when they travel or visit campus at a later date. As a result, schools are increasingly turning to cloud-based ID card software to issue official IDs paired with online photo ID submission.

Cloud-based ID card software allows schools to create and manage ID cards online from any location or device.

There are a number of benefits to using cloud-based ID card software to issue student ID cards for hybrid and remote students. These benefits include:

  • Convenience – Sign in from any location, you can even manage student cardholders from your phone. You can also save time by allowing students to submit ID photos online without having to travel to campus for enrollment.
  • Security –  Cloud-based ID card software uses the latest security features to protect student data. Our software, EliteID, runs on the safety and security of Amazon Web Services.
  • Accuracy – Online ID photo submission ensures that the photo on the student ID card is accurate by requiring students to submit supporting documents. After your school prints the student photo ID, the ID card can be mailed to their address.

If your school needs to issue student ID cards for hybrid and remote students, consider using EliteID software. EliteID offers a number of benefits and can help you streamline the ID card issuance process.

Why choose EliteID for your ID software?

  • Secure and easy to use from anywhere
  • Streamlined enrollment workflow
  • Unlimited student records
  • Unlimited card design templates
  • Works across platforms to integrate with transaction and other campus systems
  • Works with major ID card printer brands
  • Online photo submission add-on works within the software
  • Subscriptions come with tech support allowing you to be up and running in no time
Published On: October 10th, 2023 / Categories: ID Card Software, ID Card System, Online Photo Submission /

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