Your student ID system can do more than just provide a piece of visual identification. ID scanners can be used in many ways at your K-12 school to improve security, efficiency, and communication. Here are some ideas:

  • Security – ID scanners can be used to provide access to the school building and other monitored areas, such as the library, computer lab, and gym. This can help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the school and keep students safe.
  • Efficiency – ID scanners can also be used to streamline student check-in by allowing students to scan their id at a tardy kiosk, as well as lunch service and library checkout. This saves time for staff and students, and make the school day run more smoothly.
  • Communication – ID scanners can be used to track student behavior and communicate with parents via e-mail or text. For example, when an administrator scans a student ID as late at the beginning of the day, the school can send a notification to the parents to let them know that they have been issued a tardy or other violation.

Here are some specific examples of how ID scanners can be used at a K-12 school:

  • Lunch service – ID scanners may be able to be integrated with your school lunch program to track usage or declining balance.
  • Library checkout – ID scanners might be able to be a part of your library check out process.
  • Field trips – ID scanners can be used for student field trips to check them on and off the bus via mobile ID scanner. This can help to ensure that all students are accounted for and safe.
  • Detention tracking – ID scanners can be used to admit a student to detention and log that the time was served.

ID scanners can be a valuable tool for K-12 schools to save time and improve efficiency.

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