With CloudCard, students can snap a selfie and even sign their cardholder agreement using a phone, tablet, or computer; all from the comfort and safety of their home. Cloudcard offers an easy and convenient solution to produce student IDs while limiting in-person contact and improving line wait times.

CloudCard also has other features to provide added security and documentation including:

Supporting Documents

With students submitting photos remotely, it is important to have proof that the photo being evaluated is in fact of that person. Supporting Documents allows your campus to require an additional upload (such as a driver’s license or passport) to compare the photo against. The institution has complete control over conveying what types of document are allowed and has granular control over who is required to submit one. When it is time to approve photos, the supporting photo will be conveniently place next to the submitted photo, allowing for a quick visual comparison prior to approving.

Supporting Questions

While the photo and supporting documents are extremely useful, sometimes additional information is needed. New to the CloudCard application, Supporting Questions allows your campus to collect information from your students during the submission process, based on user-defined questions. Whether it’s a preferred name or current mailing address, CloudCard allows for either pre-defined or freeform answers, providing an easy way to collect the information you need.

Published On: August 25th, 2023 / Categories: Higher Education, Online Photo Submission /

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