In today’s interconnected world, organizations need ID card issuance software that can adapt and integrate with their existing systems. EliteID steps up to the challenge by offering an open platform solution, ensuring smooth operation regardless of your printer brand or existing software infrastructure.

Freedom of Choice with Printer Brands

Unlike some closed systems that restrict users to specific printer brands, EliteID embraces open architecture. This means you can leverage your preferred ID card printer brand – from industry leaders like Evolis and Datacard to Zebra and Fargo – without worrying about compatibility issues. EliteID offers integration with all major printer brands, providing the flexibility to choose the printer that best suits your needs and budget.

Integration with Existing Systems

EliteID understands that organizations often have established transaction systems or campus-wide software solutions. The open platform design allows integration with these existing systems. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming changes to your current infrastructure.

Benefits of Open Platform ID Issuance

The advantages of EliteID’s open platform approach are numerous:

  • Reduced Costs – By avoiding vendor lock-in with specific printer brands, you gain the freedom to choose the most cost-effective option.
  • Increased Efficiency – Integration with existing systems minimizes disruption to your workflows and eliminates the need for additional operation or system changes.
  • Scalability and Futureproofing – The open platform allows you to easily adapt to future needs. As your organization grows or your technology landscape evolves, EliteID can integrate with new systems and printers without a hitch.

EliteID’s open platform design empowers organizations to create a truly customized ID card issuance solution. With freedom in printer and system integration choices, EliteID ensures a streamlined and efficient ID card issuance process, all while keeping costs under control.

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