PockeTracker is a powerful and easily customizable tracking and credential verification tool available to improve campus security. With PockeTracker administrators can scan the ID or search a person’s credentials via smartphone and instantly get a red or green screen to determine whether the person should be present in a certain area. User defined fields allow PockeTracker to easily keep track of any data element that may quickly change such as whether a person has permission to be on campus or other criteria including if they have paid their dues and/or completed required training. PockeTracker retains an activity log of every scan giving campus administrators a real-time snapshot of campus activity that can be viewed from the web-based reporting system.

Currently, PockeTracker is implemented at colleges & universities, K12 schools, and corporate venues for event admittance, attendance, preventing suspended/unwanted people from entering campus, as a busing solution, and much more. It is being used to verify admittance to high value sites in places such as Disney World and the Grand Central Terminal in New York, as well as the highly secure Academy Awards venue to keep uninvited guests off the Red Carpet.

PockeTracker can be enabled to read any existing employee or student ID card to gain admittance; or you can also create a unique barcode for all individuals that can be used transparently or anonymously. Once created, any iPhone or Android device equipped with the PockeTracker app can instantly read the barcode to accept or reject people from any location including: sporting events, concerts, meat-packing plants, nursing homes or other venues where safe-distancing is difficult. The criteria for checking individuals can flash red or green for any criteria important to the company or institution owning the solution such as mandatory quarantines.

“We’re very pleased with PockeTracker’s 15 years of proven success and are excited for the many ways it is being used to further enhance campus safety and security.”, stated Zack Walker, Director of Sales.

Published On: August 25th, 2023 / Categories: K12, Security /

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