When it comes to ID cards, the displayed name is an important part. But what if that name isn’t how someone prefers to be addressed? That’s where EliteID’s preferred name feature comes in, offering a touch of inclusivity and convenience for ID card issuance.

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Why Preferred Names Matter

Many people go by nicknames, middle names, or even entirely different names than what appears on legal documents. For these individuals, an ID card displaying their preferred name can make a big difference in everyday interactions. It fosters a sense of respect and recognition, promoting a more welcoming environment.

EliteID Makes it Easy

EliteID’s software goes beyond the standard first and last name fields. During enrollment, users can enter a preferred name alongside their legal name. This flexibility ensures the ID accurately reflects how the cardholder wishes to be identified.

Search and Find with Ease

The benefits extend beyond the physical card. When searching the ID database, EliteID displays both legal and preferred names, enclosed in quotation marks. This allows for efficient searching regardless of whether someone uses a legal name or a preferred name.

Design Control at Your Fingertips

The power of choice extends to the card design itself. EliteID’s card designer allows you to choose whether to display the legal name, preferred name, or both, on the front or back of the card. This level of customization ensures the ID best suits your organization’s needs.

A Feature for Everyone

The preferred name feature isn’t just for nicknames. It can accommodate individuals who use a middle name professionally, those who go by a shortened version of their last name, or even people who have legally changed their first name but still use their former name in some contexts.

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