The name printed on your ID cards doesn’t need to be a cardholder’s legal name with preferred name support. EliteID card software allows you to easily include a preferred name from enrollment through card printing.

Enter the preferred name at the time of cardholder enrollment using the optional preferred name field. When searching your ID database at any time you will see the preferred name in quotation marks between the first and last names such as Anna “Annie” Gonzalez. This way you can find the person you are looking for by searching for legal or preferred name.

You can also add a preferred name by editing the record of a cardholder at any time by clicking the pencil icon and entering a preferred name under that field.

Now your cardholder record will show up whether searching by given or preferred name.

preferred name high school id

The EliteID card designer allows you to specify the preferred name in your design.

When it comes time for card printing you can choose to place the preferred name and/or legal name on the front or back of your cards.

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