Boost efficiency with RapIDcard Elite 1-Click SmartCard Issuance

RapIDcard Elite with SmartCard Issuance provides enhanced support for today’s popular smartcard credentials.  Read and write personalized information to smartcard credentials during the ID printing process.  Smartcard Issuance is accurate every time and is up to 2x faster compared to manual enrollment solutions.

With Smartcard Issuance your organization can safely and securely automate the smartcard ID issuance process from start to finish.

Available now for DESfire EV1, MiFARE, HID iClass/Prox, and most generic formats.


  • iClass CSN
  • HID Prox
  • Standard Prox



What can RapIDcard Elite with Smartcard Issuance do for me?

Reading and writing smartcard information inline means the ID printer communicates with the smartcard – in real time while the ID is printing.

The all new Smartcard Issuance feature fully automates the process of reading information from the smartcard and storing it in the Elite database record, and for supported smartcards it can encode personal information including ID number, card number, etc.

Compared to existing enrollment solutions the Smartcard Issuance 1-click solution can quickly issue smartcard credentials saving time and preventing mistakes.

How does it work?

To issue a smartcard the operator only needs to click PRINT in RapIDcard Elite. The Smartcard Issuance feature eliminates the manual enrollment steps that are typically required after a smartcard is printed.

Do I need to upgrade my printer?

To securely interface with smartcards we’ve chosen the highly popular Evolis Primacy 2 ID printer for its robust quality and performance as well as flexible support for today’s popular smartcard credentials from HID, NXP, LeGIC, and more. If you already own the Evolis Primacy it can be field upgraded or sent to VDS to install the required encoder board.

How does the setup and installation work?

Our team will work with you to identify your organizations smartcard format. After the printer is delivered our technicians will upgrade your Elite workstation, assist with printer installation, and configure Smartcard Issuance to interface with your card format.

Want to transition to smartcard technology?

Our team will help you transition from legacy barcode and magstripe technology to today’s popular formats.

Benefits over legacy enrollment processes

  • Single application solution
  • Extra equipment such as desktop mag and smartcard readers NOT required
  • Up to 2x faster compared to manual enrollment solutions
  • Accurate every time
  • Eliminate ID supply waste caused by mistakes
  • Reduction in total time to issue an ID with smart chip technology
Published On: August 22nd, 2023 / Categories: Card Issuance, Higher Education /

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