The school office often houses a graveyard of underutilized computers. But what if you could breathe new life into one of these machines and transform it into a valuable tool? Enter the Tardy Kiosk! Here’s how to turn that old computer into a streamlined solution for tracking student tardiness.

What You’ll Need

  • A retired computer – Any functional desktop or laptop will do as long as it can access the internet and can maintain an updated operating system.
  • Tardy Management Software – Install your chosen tardy management software such as PerfectPass. PerfectPass can even be set up in tardy kiosk mode, allowing students to check themselves in as tardy without the assistance of school staff.
  • Barcode Scanner (optional) – This streamlines the process for students with IDs by allowing them to scan their cards.
  • Pass Printer (optional) – If your students require a printed pass to class, a pass printer can be installed at your kiosk.

Setting Up Your Tardy Kiosk

  1. Install the software – Follow the installation instructions for your chosen software.
  2. Configure the system – Set up student information, tardy rules, and any desired customizations within the software.
  3. Connect peripherals (optional) – If using an ID scanner, ensure it’s properly connected and configured within the software.
  4. Position the kiosk – Place the computer in a high-traffic area near the school entrance, ensuring easy access for tardy students.

How it Works

Students arriving late simply:

  • Sign into your new school tardy machine – They can either enter their ID number manually or scan their ID card (if using a scanner).
  • Reason for tardiness – The software may prompt students to select a reason for being late from a pre-populated list.
  • Print a tardy slip (optional) – Depending on the software, the system may automatically generate a tardy slip that students can deliver to their teachers.

Benefits of a Tardy Kiosk

  • Improved Efficiency – Saves office staff time by eliminating manual tardy tracking.
  • Increased Accuracy – Reduces errors in recording tardy times and reasons.
  • Student Ownership – Empowers students to take responsibility for their tardiness.
  • Streamlined Reporting – Software can generate tardy reports and even communicate with parents via text or e-mail.

Repurposing an old computer as a school tardy machine demonstrates resourcefulness and offers several benefits. With minimal setup, you can transform a neglected machine into a valuable tool that streamlines tardy tracking and empowers both students and staff.

Remember, this is just a starting point! Explore additional functionalities your chosen software might offer, and tailor the system to best suit your school’s needs.

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