Is your campus ready to move to a cloud-based ID software solution, or would it be better to stick with an on-premise solution for the time being? It seems that all software is in the cloud these days, or at least heading that way, and ID issuance software is no exception. But is now the right time for your campus to make the switch?

There are pros and cons to both solutions.

First let’s start with the pros.

You would be switching to a modern technology and if your other campus solutions are already cloud-based you may have an easier time integrating your ID issuance software. Cloud solutions with web-based sign in are not going to rely on specific computer operating systems (such as Mac vs. Windows). But one of the biggest draws to a cloud software solution is not needing to store your data with on-site servers. Many clients are finding it very appealing to not add another piece of hardware on-campus.

In many cases, you can even sign into your software from a mobile device off-site. This mobility might be a help to your campus, especially if you are a larger university or business. Some cloud ID software programs, such as EliteID, will allow you to take an ID photo from a mobile device at one location and automatically send the ID card print job to the ID card office at another location. Campus personnel will have the flexibility to access the data anywhere they go. Personnel can securely login to the cloud and make account changes, so students have access to what they need right away.

Not all cloud ID software is made equal when it comes to features, but there are other streamlined options to consider that can save your campus time during enrollments. Online photo submission is a popular add-on to reduce campus lines, as well as using device cameras and web cams to easily take ID photos. As the shift to the cloud becomes more prominent, companies are putting time and resources into making this technology as effective for their clients as opposed to investing the same resources into legacy hardware.

But what are the cons?

Your campus might be used to an on-premise solution and while a cloud-based system may be in the future, this year may not be the right time to switch over.

There are still many organizations and schools (maybe yours?) that would prefer to keep their data on-premise using your own servers.

Traditional ID software has been around for a long time, and sometimes you will run into issues with cloud software not offering the specific features you require for your unique campus and data set-up. For this reason, you might put the switch on hold until there is a cloud solution that checks all the right boxes.

Luckily, there are still great options when it comes to on-site software for your ID issuance and management.

Whether you would like to move to a cloud-based ID system or require a new on-prem solutionVision Database Systems has been providing the ID software and systems you need for over 30 years. Our software works with many different ID printer brands and transaction system solutions.

Published On: August 25th, 2023 / Categories: Higher Education, ID Card Software, K12 /

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