RapIDcard Elite

Start by installing RapIDcard on any Windows-based PC. Upload your card design and add your required fields.

Add cardholders manually or import your data. Our support team can assist you with your data import.

RapIDcard works with all major ID card printers. You can print cards individually at the time of enrollment or start a batch print.

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RapIDcard Elite

One-Click Smart Card Issuance

RapIDcard Elite with SmartCard Issuance provides enhanced support for today’s popular smartcard credentials. Read and write personalized information to smartcard credentials during the ID printing process. With Smartcard Issuance your organization can automate the smartcard ID issuance process from start to finish.

Online Photo Submission

Many of our campuses are looking for ways to save time in the card issuance line. Through our integration with CloudCard online photo submission, campuses can utilize photos submitted by the cardholder themselves and vetted by the card office, all within a simple-to-use interface. RapIDcard Elite offers a seamless integration, so approved photos are automatically attached to the cardholder record and ready to print.

RapIDcard Elite is a high-end ID software that includes all the power of Pro with added features such as the handling of ISO number issuance with user definable ISO logic, user defined reprint reasons, automatic card counts, reprint history, “RapidTag” feature that automates the capture and association of pre-programmed contactless card numbers, and more.

  • ID/ISO/LIB Number Module – Provides actual credit card encoding
  • Credit card number generation without duplicates
  • Both real-time and non-real-time database upload and download syncing interfaces to other card, access control and other campus systems
  • Uses a MOD-10 Check Digit algorithm to generate custom ID, ISO and library numbers
  • Can auto generate ID number or any number to assign to a cardholder record
  • User defined start/stop ranges
  • Built in logic to handle card re-issues
  • User defined reprint reasons for card re-issuance
  • Card Number (ISO, LIB) tracking
  • Customized import/export designs to manage flows of data
  • Import/Export Utility Module can be automated
  • Import/Export Utility Module Full updates and/or changes only (user defined)
  • Import/Export Utility Module can be used as conversion utility
  • ODBC Compliant: supports multiple database engines
  • Digital photo capture
  • Unlimited card design based upon specific field data in cardholder record
  • Customized screen look and over 45 user defined fields
  • Auto-printing (after taking photo)
  • Signature capture
  • Batch printing
  • Multi-level security/password protection
  • Custom magnetic stripe encoding and/or ABA format-all tracks
  • Customized barcode design and printing
  • Multi-printer support (different card types for multiple printers/hoppers)
  • 2-D encrypted barcode capability to store photo, signature and text

RapIDcard Pro

Create and customize a state-of-the-art ID solution that meets your specific needs.

RapIDcard IDMS

IDMS includes all the features of Pro software with added features like ISO management, and more.

RapIDcard Elite

Elite is an advanced, flexible, cross-platform solution with one-click smartcard issuance and more.

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