K12 Administrators can save time and reduce headaches managing hallways between classes and before and after school by adopting an automated hall pass system such as PerfectPass.

Example Scenario

There is a student in your hallways in clear violation of your policies, maybe they are late for the bell, or are using a cell phone inappropriately, or have a dress code violation.

You don’t need a pen or paper to take down the violation, with PerfectPass, you can take out your phone and scan the student’s ID card (or use manual look up) to view their records. You now have instant access to the student’s schedule and violation history. You know which class they should be headed to, and with a couple taps on your screen you can issue them a violation and print a hall pass from a handheld mobile printer.

Parents are also notified right away about the student incident as they will receive an automated message via SMS or by e-mail.

The student can now take their hall pass and return to class immediately.

Print Hall Passes By Your Own Rule Base

Every school has their own set of rules and consequences for rule-breakers. These rules can be entered into the PerfectPass system, so there is no guesswork when it comes to the hall pass that needs to be printed. It could be a standard hall pass for a student receiving a warning or no violation. It could also be one that requires an assigned detention because the student has already had two (or more) prior violations.

No matter what your rules are, the appropriate hall pass will be printed and recorded in the system.

What do current customers love about PerfectPass?

It’s easy to implement and use on a daily basis. It saves time and reduces paperwork. Customers love that PerfectPass and all VDS ID software products can be utilized with the systems that are currently in place. Already have an ID card system that works for you? PerfectPass can be a welcomed addition to your other K12 administrative software services.

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