PerfectPass (K12 cloud-based tardy and incident management software) was built with flexibility in mind. We wanted the school admin staff to be able to view and issue incidents from anywhere on their campus using phones, tablets, PCs, etc. Self-serve tardy stations are an added feature to our software.

What is a tardy kiosk?

A tardy kiosk is a school workstation where students can scan their own IDs or enter a student number and be issued a pass to class or simply be marked as tardy. Set up PerfectPass in Tardy Kiosk mode and your students will record their own tardy without the need to get in line at the office. The students will only be able to access the screen that allows them to scan or enter their information when PerfectPass is in kiosk mode.

This is a popular feature that not only saves time for administration, it keeps costs down because any school PC can run PerfectPass paired with an affordable card reader and pass printer. There is no need to purchase full kiosk hardware.

What do I need for my tardy kiosk?

Since PerfectPass is cloud-based you can sign in using a spare desktop computer you may already have on campus. Pair your computer with hardware accessories for card scanning and/or pass printing if you would like those abilities at your tardy kiosk. VDS can provide you with a quote for these accessories along with more information on PerfectPass.

Published On: August 25th, 2023 / Categories: K12, School Discipline Management /

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