It does not need to be a headache to manage tardy tracking at your K12 school. PerfectPass by Vision Database Systems is a cloud-based system launched in 2018 with tardy tracking as a main feature of the discipline management system.

School administrators need only carry their phone running iOS or Android paired with an ID reader and optional pass printer. PerfectPass integrates with your current ID system making it simple to scan a student ID to view student schedules and past violation data with instant access.

If a student is tardy, log the violation on screen and issue a pass, warning, or even assign a detention time all based on your school’s unique behavior policy. When administrators are equipped with the latest information from their phone, students quickly learn to take school attendance seriously. Many schools report large reductions in the number of tardy students in the year after implementing a discipline management system.

The parent notification feature in PerfectPass allows all parties to be notified about student tardy habits. Schools can easily set up a list of recipients to keep faculty members and parents notified of behavior incidents by text message or e-mail. Students are more likely to be on time to class the first time if the alternative is an instant school violation paired with a text message home.

PerfectPass also offers the flexibility for desktop or kiosk mode for tardy tracking. Administrators in the front office can mark students tardy from their PC. In addition, self service kiosks can also assist schools with their tardy tracking needs by setting up a dedicated computer logged into PerfectPass with a card scanner and pass printer. A student that arrives on a late bus can use the kiosk to log the event and print themselves a pass slip. This streamlines the morning administrative duties.

PerfectPass is now available to try for a 15-day free trial period. See for yourself how PerfectPass can help with your school’s tardy tracking needs by signing up here.

Published On: August 22nd, 2023 / Categories: K12 /

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