Text and email notifications for tardiness and discipline are valuable tools for fostering a stronger connection between schools and parents. By keeping everyone informed and engaged, these notifications can contribute to a more positive and supportive learning environment for all. Thankfully, technology offers automatic solutions for schools such as PerfectPass with real-time tardy and discipline notifications delivered straight to the parent’s phone or inbox. Let’s explore how these notifications benefit both schools and parents.

Benefits for Schools

  • Streamlined Communication – Text and email notifications are a faster and more efficient way to reach parents compared to traditional methods like phone calls or notes sent home.
  • Increased Parental Involvement – Prompt notification encourages parents to be more actively engaged in their child’s school life and disciplinary matters.
  • Improved Attendance – Research shows that real-time tardiness alerts can lead to improved attendance rates as parents can take early action.
  • Enhanced Transparency – Schools demonstrate a commitment to open communication by providing parents with immediate information about their child’s school experience.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden – Text and email notifications free up staff time from making individual calls or sending home paper notices.

Benefits for Parents

  • Improved Awareness – Receive immediate notification if your child is tardy, allowing you to investigate the reason and address it promptly.
  • Enhanced Communication – Direct communication from the school keeps you informed about any disciplinary actions taken regarding your child.
  • Proactive Engagement – Knowing about tardiness or disciplinary issues empowers you to have open conversations with your child and work collaboratively with the school to find solutions.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety – Real-time updates eliminate the wait and worry about what might be happening at school in case of tardiness or discipline issues.
  • Convenience – Receive notifications on your phone or email, ensuring you’re informed regardless of your location.

If your school would like to set up a demo of PerfectPass, contact us.

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