One of the most popular and time saving features in EliteID is the ability to use dynamic color and visibility in your card designs. This feature allows you to create just one card design for your school or company and change the design based on the data in your person records.

View our quick 2-minute video demo to see this feature in action.

dynamic elements screen shot

Colors in your ID Design

Dynamic color can change the colors in your design based on information in your database. This can apply to any color element in your design from the entire background to small shapes or borders. One example of this would be to change the border color on a photo or a color block based on a student’s grade level.


dynamic visibility example in your id card design



Using dynamic visibility you can choose to show photos, graphical elements, or data based on your stored information. An example would be to show a text field or icon only for cardholders who have achieved a certain certification within your school or company.

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